GoDaddy as a website builder

New-GoDaddy-logo_black-tagline-feb14GoDaddy is a website builder that offers a large array of services. This site has everything you could possible need. They offer a search for domain names, and ifthe one you want is not available, they can show you how you can get that name, or pick another one, and they show you how to build your own site.

I like the fact that they have customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is a chat window right on the web site, where you can chat with someone if you have a problem or just have a question. They also have excellent prices. In fact, they are having a sale right now. You can build a personal website and keep it, for up to 12 months for $1 a month. They offer a regular business website for $5.99 a month, for up to 12 months,and a Super Business website for $10.99 a month, for up to 12 months

Some of the differences in the two business options are that they offer 5 business emails with a Business Plus package, as opposed to 2 emails in the regular Business package. You also get 10 GB of space in the basic business planGoDaddy-managed-wordpress-coupon, as opposed to 50 GB of space with the Plus version. You also get unlimited pages and a free mobile site with both plans. Free Search Engine Optimization is really the frosting on the cake for me. This clearly is one of the biggest factors to me, in deciding that I want to go with GoDaddy as the website builder for me.

Another big factor to look at when deciding on a web site builder, is what bandwidth they offer you. To be honest, I did not have a clue what this meant. I had to Google it and then research it a bit. The bottom line is, it decides the level of traffic and data allowed between your site, the users and the internet. It decides how quickly the users that come to your site can move around and pull up the pages or information on your site. Clearly, this is very important. I found, after researching on google, that GoDaddy rates very well on the amount of bandwidth they offer and had plenty of bandwidth for my needs. You would have to Google it and figure out what kind of bandwidth you would need for your particular business, but believe me, it is something that is very important. It is worth looking into, because, if your business grows very fast and you don’t have the right bandwidth, your website won’t work very well for your business or your customers. It is a very important factor in deciding a website builder.

Really, to be quite honest, I could go on and on about everything this site has to offer because there is an enormous amount of things for your money, but the bottom line is this, I have found that Godaddy offers the most bang for your buck. They offer everything that I think, a person and business would need Including Special discounts and promos such as this awesome Go Daddy promo code. I think they also offer enough storage space and bandwidth in their packages, that there is plenty of growth room for the average business. You could use the same site and package for a long time, especially the Business Plus. Both the Business and Business Plus plans offer an enormous amount of things for the money. There is even a money back guarantee. I think is a terrific site and a terrific buy for the money. Being a Small Business owner myself, I wish I had known about this site earlier.